Dark Moon, 30/31 March 2014

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Dark Moon, 30/31 March 2014

Break through into dimensions that were totally hidden, disguised and taboo


 The second Dark Moon constellation in March is also in Pisces is in close conjunction with Uranus and with a square connected to Pluto and Jupiter. There is also a half square to Venus which is connected with a square to Saturn. As you can guess, and if you read my last moon reading, you know that the deep releasing is not over yet.


I am exhausted from the moving, there is still stuff in the old place and it seems never to end, more and more is coming to the surface. I started there without furniture a little household for me and my mother and we had a 3rd bedroom for our visitors at that time. Within 7 years it added up to a guesthouse with 4 more buildings, furniture, additional kitchen etc. and stuff for up to 18 people, 15 guests and us (my daughter was also living with us some time).

In this last two weeks we also lost two cats and this morning I had to bring one of the dogs back to the old place because she was so aggressive. Some staff is still there to feed her and another stray that she loves. She is a mix Thai dog and was never easy to handle, but she is not used to so many people and workers around and barks so aggressive, shows her teeth and her hair over the spine is standing up so that every body is afraid of her. I am sure that she has reasons.

The deep cleaning involves not only stuff from ourselves, looking at the sample in my life, but also all the things that we carry around and along for others. We are involved in much more than only “our” lives and beside the physical stuff around, there is a lot of believes, dogmas, programs, attachments, implants etc. that need to be removed.


We have a big chance now to use the Uranian energies for a break through into dimensions that were totally hidden, disguised and taboo. The brainwash of the elite controllers is going on for millennia’s and nobody can pretend not to be under its “spell”. The world we see and experience is the illusion made by them and we take it for normal to live in a world like this.


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